Peer Pleasure

"Some artists toil their entire lives and never discover the secret recipe … “less is more”. On “Wonky Windmill” Michael Saxell demonstrates that he has the maturity and confidence to keep it simple, with maximum effect. This is a beautiful and honest recording, with warm, intimate vocals, crisp acoustic guitars and well-crafted lyrics. I’m a fan!"

- Jim Vallance (Songwriter: Bryan Adams, Aerosmith, Heart, etc)

Michael and I go back quite a few years. We met in Nashville and hit it off and decided to try some co-writing. I was very pleased that he added our song "If I Were Two Men" to his Wonky Windmill CD. I think this CD is utterly charming with a refreshing simplicity and so pleasurable to listen to. His songs are wonderfully original and not so much of the busy, noisy, predictable, passionless stuff that

radio forces on us today.

- Dickey Lee (Songwriter: Elvis Presley, George Jones, Reba McEntire, etc.)

"I think Michael Saxell is one of the greatest writers I've ever had the good fortune to work with. Our songs are like living beings that I hope the whole world will come to know, in time. They come from the collective sum of our guts at the moment of conception, rather than catchy ditties. I always grow a little bit after being around Michael."

- Randy Goodrum (Songwriter: Toto, Anne Murray, Michael McDonald, etc)

"Michael is a great guy to work with.  He doesn't play safe, he likes to push the boundaries and most importantly he trusts the other person's instincts."

-Keith Reid (Procol Harum)

"If you haven't met Michael Saxell in person I can help you by saying he is a charming, quick witted, insightful, and talented man. But you don't need me. Just listen to his new solo CD "Wonky Windmill". Its all there right up front. With just his voice, a beautifully recorded acoustic guitar

and some spices on the side he does everything he can to lay himself out there for you. This, however, is not a "tough listen" through some folky guy's problems. This is a glorious look into the centre of someone who has

taken a few knocks but still has not had his passion, or his sense of humour, extinguished. You get the fun side and then a few good looks at the underside of his heart. To top it off the songs are gems of songcraft. Go get it and make one of those friends you can count on".

- Craig Northey

Fellow singer songwriter from across the world (The Odds, Kids in the Hall, Colin James, etc.)